Quarterly Reports

The Builder Track Quarterly Reports are detailed and are designed to give you the big picture. If you are a builder, developer, supplier, or other company that wants to see overall building trends, these reports are for you. The Quarterly Reports provide summary construction data for the quarter and the year for each of our seven coverage areas. You will know your local industry like never before with statistics detailing:

– Yearly Comparison Charts
– Active Builder Lists
– Rankings by Dollar Value
– Number of Units
– Jurisdiction Information
– And Much More!

The Quarterly Reports blend cumulative construction data for the year with information specific to each quarter and are typically used by builders/developers, larger suppliers, and banks or public institutions to get an accurate overview of their market. Usually running 20-40 pages in length, the reports summarize building activity by builder and by jurisdiction (township, city, etc.). The report for each quarter is slightly different as we add data through the year and; the fourth quarter report summarizes the entire year for most of the data presented. You can learn more detailed information about our First Quarter Report here. The Builder Track Quarterly Reports are clearly marked and are published every three months. The reports are usually finished within 15 days after the end of the quarter and are e-mailed as soon as they are finished.