Bi-Weekly Reports

Our Bi-Weekly Reports are easy to read and use, and are designed to improve your business. If you are a supplier or subcontractor looking for construction leads to contact a specific builder or homeowner to bid for work on that house, these reports are for you. The Bi-Weekly Reports are just what you need to get that edge on your competitors, making it easier than you ever thought possible to contact active contractors and new residential building projects! With seven coverage areas in Michigan, Builder Track Bi-Weekly Reports are your source for the most up-to-date information on new residential building starts and construction leads, detailing:

– Project Address
– Contractor name, address, phone number, contact name, & email
– Homeowner information including name, address, & phone number
– Construction value and/or square footage
– Type of Project: Single family, condo, apartment, etc. including expanded descriptions
*All information included as available

We collect information for the Bi-Weekly Reports every two weeks and include new building permits issued since the last report.  Each report has all new information on projects just starting construction. These reports include current single family, condo, duplex, apartment, large remodeling, and select commercial projects and list each individual home or other residential project followed by specific project details and contact information. The Builder Track Bi-Weekly Reports are sent every other week, totaling 25 reports per year. They are sent via email and include a PDF to view or print and an Excel spreadsheet to manipulate the data if desired. Each area goes out on a different day so, if you subscribe to more than one area, you may not receive all reports at the same time. No reports are sent out during the last week in January or the week of Independence Day.