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The First Quarter Data is Almost In! Are you Connected?

The first section of the First Quarter Report contains Charts showing the number of new single family home, apartment, condo, duplex, and total living units started in the first quarter. These graphs are separated by county. Following that are graphs showing current mortgage rates and unemployment rates. This section also lists the number of new single family starts for the last ten years by quarter and the last five years by month.

The second section of the First Quarter Report covers home start information. Jurisdiction Summary Statistics lists first quarter new home starts for the last five years by county and by municipality. Builder Starts per Jurisdiction shows each builder that has pulled a permit for a new single family home during the first quarter organized by county, municipality, and the construction cost listed on the permit. Single Family Starts By Construction Value shows what percentage of the total market different construction values hold for the first quarter. The same applies to Single Family Starts By Square Footage. Average Square Footage per Jurisdiction is pretty self-explanatory. The Multi Family Starts page shows starts by type, county, then municipality and shows the builder name, number of units and address for each project. The Remodels and Additions section is organized by county then municipality and shows the builder name and project address for projects with a reported value of $75,000 or above.

The third section of the First Quarter Report contains Builder Information. The Builder Ranking List shows builders and the number of homes started in the first quarter. It also shows the total number of active builders in the first quarter this year compared to last year. The New Builders section shows the company name, address, and number of homes built in the first quarter for each builder. For the purpose of Builder Track’s reporting, “new builders” are listed by individual coverage area. Some of these builders may have been active in other areas or active under another name. This means that if John Doe with Work Hard Construction Inc. has been building in the Grand Rapids area, he will still show as a new builder when he starts his first project in the Lakeshore area. A contractor would also show as a new builder if they haven’t been working on projects that fall into our reporting. So John Doe may have been around for 20 years, but if he just starting working on larger value projects that are included in our reports, he would be listed as a new builder. New builders are listed this way to ensure that our customers don’t miss an opportunity to connect with a builder who is newly in the location or price range of their target client base. We do our best to keep track of contractors, even as they change company or DBA names, however, its possible that if John Doe changes his company name to Work Smart Construction LLC, he could show as a new builder in our records.

Think You’ve Connected with ALL the Active Builders in Your Area? Think Again.