What are Builder Track Reports? 

We produce two types of reports.

The Builder Track Reports are put out every other week for a given area and list each individual home or other residential structure and the details about it. Our typical customer for these bi-weekly reports is a supplier or subcontractor that wants to contact that builder or homeowner to bid for work on that house. 

The Builder Track Quarterlies summarize the building activity throughout the year, and we publish them every three months. The information summarizes building activity by builder and by jurisdiction (township, city, etc.). Usually running 20-40 pages in length the reports are typically used by builders/developers, larger suppliers, and banks or public institutions to get an accurate overview of their market. Each quarter is slightly different as we add data through the year.The fourth quarter report summarizes the entire year for most of the data presented.

How often do the reports come out? 

There are two types. 

The Builder Track Bi-Weekly Reports are sent once every two weeks for each area. We send each areas report as it is finished. If you subscribe to more than one area the reports might not be sent on the same day. 

The Builder Track Quarterly Reports are usually finished within 15 days after the end of the quarter and are e-mailed as soon as they are finished. 

Is the content new each time?

We collect information for the The Builder Track Reports every two weeks and are looking for new building permits issued since our last visit.  Each report has all new information on projects just starting construction.

Builder Track Quarterlies blend cumulative data for the year with information for that quarter only.  The period is clearly marked.

Why do I have to get my reports by e-mail? 

For The Builder Track Reports e-mail is faster than regular mail, but more importantly, you get more options for your data. Along with the text file that you can print we send an Excel spreadsheet of the information we typed. This allows you to merge builder or homeowner names to mailing labels or onto envelopes without re-typing the names and addresses. Excel data can be manipulated in many ways, and this would be entirely up to you if you so choose. You also have a record of every report we send that is easy to keep and store on your computer.

Can I subscribe and be invoiced for the reports? 

Yes, but we make those arrangements directly with you. Please call our office at 616-676-3567 to set this up. We will generate an invoice or receipt for your records at any time. 

Can I use a Credit Card?

Yes, but we make those arrangements directly with you. Please call our office at 616-676-3567 to set this up. 

What happens at the end of my subscription? 

We will send you a renewal before your subscription expires that shows your current report areas and presents all area and term options to you again. Sending the renewal in with payment keeps your subscription current.